Social Community Leaders

It’s funny. I just remembered something else from a long while back talking about leaders in The Future of Work acting more like hosts rather than bosses. Therefore, their goal isn’t to take control of the conversation and dominate it but rather it is to make it more conducive, connected, and flowing amongst others. This is pretty much the same thing a leader of a community strives to do online. They act like facilitators more so.

I think for them to be effective with this though, especially if they want to connect a large group of change agents with different disciplinary perspectives, is that they have to be good at understanding and bridging the different disciplinary perspectives, metaphors, and languages of each one of these people, showing how they are actually similar to one other.

Hmmm. And perhaps in the process, a shared metaphor and language can be created that everyone can understand, thus leading to a shared vision in turn.

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