Believing In Your Imagination

I think it’s kind of curious to now see that how in this world do you do things that are equally crazy and how do you have the courage to believe in your imagination for things right off the bat mathematically seem incoherent.

John Seely Brown

Found this amazing quote by John Seely Brown in a speech he did, that I watched online back in January 2020. This is pretty much how I feel about my work right now. It probably seems completely crazy to most people on the surface but if you start going below the surface of it, you start seeing how it psychologically connects to everything, relating very poignantly to the world we’re living within now and The Future of Work we want to step into.

For me, this embodies creatively playing with the very perception of your reality, your worldview, which is why I call it “playing on a whole new level” because it requires stepping into a whole new psychological terrain of being human that “levels up” your level of consciousness in turn, making what was previously impossible seem possible.

In other words, play requires courage because play can’t occur without uncertainty.

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