Prince Samuel IV of The Flying Monkey Brigade

Watching the Queen’s funeral procession a bit the other day, I was reminded that our own “royalty” is nearing his time of passing soon.

Considering his age, Sam actually looks amazingly well for a cat of 18 years. While he has lost a lot of weight the last six months or so, he’s still eating and drinking ferociously, not to mention he’s as vocal as he’s ever been.

“Prince” Samuel IV (aka “Monkey Boy”)

More than anything lately though, it’s his vocal need for fresh food and water at all times of the day and night that is becoming exhausting. Because of this, we’re lucky if we can get an entire nights sleep in without being woken up before 7 AM in the morning. Usually if he does wake us up, I try to get up and close the door to the bedroom so my wife can continue sleeping, while I attend to his needs and then crash on the sofa.

Once his food and water needs are met, he usually joins me on the sofa and starts snoozing while cuddling on my chest. While he’s always been one for being physically affectionate, he’s definitely seems more so lately. All said and done though, he’s had a pretty amazing life, considering one of our other previous cats had his life cut short due to a tumour.

Always looking handsome and regal, we started calling him “Prince” because of his vocal demands beginning at an early age. His more common affectionate nickname though is “Monkey Boy” which is of Buckaroo Bonzai origins. He got that name because he literally races around the house like a monkey boy, leaping from furniture to furniture, almost flying at times like the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

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