Going Beyond Resumes

Rediscovering the Aspirational Self

As workplaces focus on employee engagement — and increasingly, becoming a workplace that welcomes the humanity of its workers —employers want to see a snapshot of an actual human person. 

“Resumes are a point in time and not reflective of the human,” Penny Queller, SVP and GM of Monster’s staffing business unit, told HR Dive. “There’s nothing on a resume that demonstrates the individual’s aspirational self. It’s a primitive artifact in some regards.”

Miklusak agrees, saying resumes are “a very static presentation of who you are.”

The objective on a resume could be a potential place for this but alas, many conventional recruiters actually recommend to remove it as it’s seen as “outdated”.

By Nollind Whachell

A multipotentialite with a passion for simplifying technology and clarifying identity, Nollind Whachell loves overcoming the hard-coded functionality in technology and the hard-coded behaviours in society, thus empowering the potential and possibilities of people wherever and however he can.

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