Culture of Employee Well-Being Essential To Organization’s Longevity

COVID-19 driving ‘transformative’ changes to workplace culture, says expert
Organizations that prioritize worker safety and mental health will lead the charge

Shaw believes that, as health and safety policies evolve, “the workplace of the future is going to be a very different place” from those we recognize today.

She envisions postsecondary and graduate programs that guide future leaders away from graphs and charts and numbers and toward organizational culture, which she believes will be essential to a company’s longevity.

Workplaces in which employees feel safe and comfortable will be able to attract highly skilled talent, while those that fail to change with the times will be left behind.

“We’ve got a generation coming into our workplaces who simply aren’t going to put up with any garbage, and they can tell if you’re being genuine or not,” Shaw said.

“It’s a time when leaders are going to have to be putting organizational culture first, so they’re going to be using cultures of organizations in order to attract people, because that’s where people are going to want to go.”

By Nollind Whachell

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