Poor Employee Treatment Causing Great Resignation

The real reason it’s impossible to hire anyone right now
Workers quit in droves during the Great Resignation of 2021. But companies desperate for hires are finding their job adverts are still ignored

“Tech candidates are quitting because their companies aren’t embracing flexible work properly,” Power explains. “They’re being asked to go back into the office either full-time or a few days a week, and because other companies didn’t treat them well during the pandemic and things are picking up again, they’re leaving”. But unfortunately, most of the other companies that are hiring aren’t offering the flexibility they are looking for

Some recruitment experts say this is the toughest environment they’ve ever experienced for attracting talent. The Great Resignation has seen millions leave their jobs in the spring and summer months, but other people are not rushing to replace them.

This may be because more candidates are scrutinising the way companies treated employees during the pandemic, and are not liking what they are finding out. Companies’ track record of redundancies, flexible working, diversity or their attitudes towards the office have become the litmus test for sizing up potential employers.

“Most companies still aren’t open about the salary ranges for the roles they recruit for, and this is something candidates really want to see so they can make informed decisions,” says Margolius. Indeed, job search engine Adzuna found that almost four in ten UK vacancies over 366,000 roles – are advertised without salary information.

By Nollind Whachell

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