The Fluid Stability of Learning “Who You Are”

A while back, an emphasis of my life was articulating the importance of understanding how we evolve in stages of development and how creativity helps us transition & transform between these stages.

What’s becoming apparent to me now is articulating how our passion & purpose become quantifiable at a certain stage, allowing us to become much more fluid beings, able to flexibly adapt not just to a new way of working but a new way of living on a daily basis.

This is why I see so many people misinterpreting The Future of Work as just learning and transitioning to a new job. It’s not. Or you could say it is…but requiring the ability to do so on a daily basis, where you have no idea what your “job” will from moment to moment.

This is what it means when people say we are letting go of the rigidity in the past with regards to work and even learning…and why the capacity to “learn how to learn” will be essential within an unknown & uncertain world.

This is why the stability to live in such a rapidly changing, fluid world won’t come from new job skills so much as it will instead come from you “Connecting” up your entire life & finding a deep sense of meaning that will stabilize it intrinsically, rather than extrinsically.

Like a surfer mastering how to surf larger and larger waves, we will all need to find our “center” to be able to balance and align ourselves from within, so we can ride out & even enjoy the big waves of change rising before us, truly feeling alive doing so.

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