From Patterns Comes Structure

I‘ve been noticing a pattern over the years when dealing with web design. People come to me looking for a website and assume that I’m going to magically make something that makes sense of their business or their life when they themselves have no clue of it. How can you possibly expect someone to build something that is supposed to communicate your identity clearly, if you yourself have no idea of it?

Don’t get me wrong. Figuring out your identity is extremely complex. It takes a lot of care and awareness to recognize the patterns in your life which define and build a structure of your identity. I think this is why at times people are often so frustrated with existing technology because it often doesn’t work naturally in the same way that we evolve. Most technology assumes you know the structure of your life already and thus can create sections for it when you build your site or space. Yet this often isn’t the case.

It takes a lot of care and awareness to recognize the patterns in your life which define and build a structure of your identity.

Instead as we live, patterns build up until one day we realize something is important in our lives and it defines who we are. Again we need this same capability with technology that will allow us to notice small things over time until the accumulation of those thoughts form a solid aspect of ourselves. Comparing it to blogging software, it would be the ability to make random posts over time and then suddenly realize that those random posts have meaning, thus you categorize them. Then over more time, you realize that this meaningful posts are meaningful to your entire life and thus that category spins off and becomes an entire website in itself. Again right now there seems to be no way to do this fluidly while also maintaining the path to the original random thoughts. Instead you have decide at what point to break and spin off the content and form your own site from it.

All said and done this reminds me of how solar systems and planets within them are formed. At first it is all just one big chaotic soup from which slow moving patterns (orbits) form. Then over time those patterns start merging and solidifying into solid planets which eventually become self-sustaining entities on their own, possibly even habitable ones with ecosystems of their own.

By Nollind Whachell

Questing to translate Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey into The Player’s Handbook for The Adventure of Your Life, thus making vertical (leadership) development an accessible, epic framework for everyone.