Healer Idealist

Within the World of Warcraft, my character that I played was a Protection Paladin whose primary role was as a “tank”. Within life, the character that I naturally “play” is a Healer Idealist whose primary role is as an “advocate”. But what does this really mean? Well let me try to break it down into parts, almost as though you were reading a “Player’s Manual” for the “Game of Life”.

Idealist Class

Think of my Idealist temperament as a “class” which is always forward thinking on the possibilities of what could be, thus always wanting to help improve the things around them. To be able to fully understand what needs to be improved though, requires a huge amount of knowledge and understanding. To achieve such things, Idealists utilize their highly evolved intuitions to become aware and understand the complex interactions of the systems around them, no matter if it’s the human body, an organization of many people, or even the software that’s utilized within the organization.

Healer Spec

As a specific variant of an Idealist, a Healer specializes in the ability to “heal” the things around them. And no this doesn’t mean a Healer can somehow cast magical spells to heal people. What it does mean though is that Healers have the uncanny ability to fix or improve things to the point that it almost seems “magically” in nature to others. For example, my family (particularly my mother) says I have an uncanny ability to “heal” them with my hands utilizing massage techniques on their head, hands, and feet. Doing tech support in the past, I’ve had people amazed at my ability to figure out the most bizarre problems and return both software and hardware to its optimal working state. And even as a team lead, I’ve had people amazed at my ability to assist them with process or workflow problems that seem to effortlessly disappear after assisting them.

Advocate Role

Last but not least, my primary role is as an advocate which means I will voraciously defend the causes I strongly believe in. This is one aspect of the Idealist class that can seem quite strange to people, as an Idealist can quickly go from being very laid back and easy going to almost bearish in the skip of a heartbeat, if they feel their causes are being attacked in any way, shape, or form.