Learning Perspectives

Before I went to sleep last night I realized something very interesting. I seem to excel (or be more optimized) in “working” environments where I have the ability to relay my acquired veteran knowledge of the system that the team or organization is immersed within.

Even more so, it’s imperative that I be able to do this in a “face to face” manner, in the “physical” presence of others. In effect, the sharing of knowledge has to be done side by side, while both myself and the other person (or people) are working on the same thing, thus allowing both of us to learn from the actions of the other. I experienced this sort of thing both within video game clans (i.e. Quake CTF, Counter-Strike) and within a business environment (i.e. FirstWeb). In both environments, I almost seemed to be like a core hub for the group, in that I was like a resource point or wellspring for others.

Another thing that I realized from this is that my journal is truly about self-learning, more than anything else. In effect, if I write a post that doesn’t at least contain one small piece of self-learning and self-realization within it (i.e. I’m just relaying existing knowledge, nothing new to me) then I seem to falter and go off track. Yet when I’m continually relaying things about self-improvement or self-learning for myself, then I seem to be able to talk till the cows come home.

What interesting in reading the above is that in both aspects I’m sharing knowledge and teaching. But the key thing seems to be that for me to share knowledge that I already know, it has to be within an active immersive environment with others around me in close proximity (i.e. within an office, within a game environment with avatars), so that those others can effectively learn by watching.