Age of Conan Is So Dreamy

As per this developer interview, it looks like the upcoming Age of Conan MMO game will actually have some of the gameplay features that I’ve always dreamed about in an massively multiplayer game (particularly those that focus on more larger community involvement and cooperation).

Is there a system in place to hire mercenaries?

Yeah, in the Siegeing. Other players. So you can be a mercenary in the game. If it’s a siege battle going down, and you see you’re about to lose, or if you wanna take someone out, you can actually send out a call for mercenaries, and give them in-game credits to join the battle and they will be teleported into the siege battle. Those are other players, and there are five mercenary levels as well.

In my dream MMO, the idea is that there are community goals for your realm that allows solo players to participate in the larger battles and wars as well. With Age of Conan, being a mercenary allows you to do this. Others can hire you out to be a part of their battles and you’re profession as a mercenary develops depending on how well you do. Not exactly what I had in a mind but a step in the right direction.

So you can build, say, a barracks or something …

Let’s say you build a stable, which will boost how fast you can travel, but if you build all stables, you lose the benefit of an armory. And you can upgrade some of them, and of course, you need resources to gather to build them, four base resources, and that’s where the crafters come in, for those who like to play that part of the game, and obviously the killers would defend it. So this is the beauty of the MMO, I think, you can find your role in it.

This is almost exactly what I had in mind. Basically the idea is taking the old Warcraft II RTS game and make each unit a real player. Therefore if you want to improve your guild or realm, you’d build a barracks for soldiers which improves your soldiers armor and so forth. Definitely looking forward to this. Sounds incredibly as it lets each player help out as they want to do so (i.e. warrior, builder, craftsman, etc).