EVE Trinity Boots XP

Looks like Trinity, the new upgrade patch for EVE Online, has done a drop kick on Windows XP users due to a bug in the upgrade which wipes the users BOOT.INI file from their computer, thus knocking it out of action. What I find hilarious though is comments from people like this on the forums.

You only get this problem when you’ve installed EvE on your C: drive

Who in the right state of mind runs games off the system partition anyways?

While this person is correct that you shouldn’t install programs like games to your C: drive, he’s an idiot for stating "Who in their right state of mind does this?" That’s because the average consumer buys their computer from a typical computer retailer or provider (i.e. local dealer or someone like Dell). And most of these computer retailers typically just do a default install of the Windows operating system which means only a single partition, thus just C: drive. That’s it. Thus the typical consumer can only install to C: drive, since they have no other drives available to them.

What this person is really saying is that all computer users should be fully knowledge and learned in computer setup, maintenance, and support. Now who in their right state of mind would expect every consumer to know this level of knowledge just to operate a computer that is supposed to make everything in their computing life easier?  🙂