Letting Your Blog Breathe

A quote from Hugh MacLeod from his post entitled Blogging Is Dead? According To Whom?

"…a blog is constantly working, constantly growing. I like that."

Stormhoek WineWow. Well said and so true. What’s interesting about this statement though is that it’s more than just your blog that’s working, it’s every blog that you’ve ever spoken on. For example, I still get a lot of traffic from comments on other blogs from years ago. It’s why I find it funny when people ask me, "How do you get people to visit your site?" Just get out there and start having conversations elsewhere on other blogs. That’s how people will notice you and start coming to your site (assuming they find your writing interesting).

Another thing that I find interesting about how your blog is "constantly working" is that because it is, you don’t have to feel pressured to write on it everyday. In fact, to me it’s more about the quality than the quantity of posts. Are you writing something that is meaningful to you or are you just writing about something, anything that’s in the news, just to get attention? I’ve done this in the past on certain occasions and whenever I do, I always feel like those posts are diluting my site if anything.

I mean think about a great bottle of wine. Do you open it and start guzzling it right away? Or do you open it, give it some space, and let it breathe to let it’s flavours really mature and come out. Same thing with a blog in my opinion. The best ones are those that give each post time to breathe and mature, so that it can be fully absorbed and appreciated by others.

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