Games Tedious As Real Life

Great comment quote on Gizmodo regarding the World of Warcraft.

"I played WoW from the day it was released for over 2 years. Then I realized two things. The first was that in order to do the fun stuff you need to be part of a Raiding guild, which was no problem. But that in order to go on raids you had to do work. When WoW got as tedious as real life there was no sense in paying it anymore."

Massively multiplayer game developers seriously need to start figuring out ways that casual gamers can still participate within these games in meaningful ways. And by meaningful, I mean be able to contribute to larger community goals without having to play the game every night but instead just a few hours a week. Even better, make simple meta games within the main game so that people can contribute in simple ways using completely different interface clients (i.e. mobile phone / PDA).