Self Realization Remix

All of the answers that you seek can be found within you.

Take the time to stop and listen to yourself to discover and hear these answers.

Listen and follow the advice that you give to others, especially with regards to defining your identity/feelings.

Don’t expect others to see and understsand your vision/ideas of the future.

You must learn to follow your own dreams and visions without requiring the assistance and/or acceptance of others.

Do your own thing. If others decide to follow you and help you, great. If not, it shouldn’t matter. Keep focused on your vision/ideas and see assistance as only a bonus, not a requirement, in following your dreams.

If you don’t communicate the obvious, obviously don’t expect people to know the obvious things about you.

If you can’t hear the right answers from yourself, it may be because you aren’t asking yourself the right questions.

True design isn’t about adding things but instead about stripping things away to reveal the true identity and functionality of what you seek. So in designing your life, focus on removing things until discover your true self. In effect, the real you without the facade, illusion, pretense, or ego.

At the same time, you must realize that design is about working at something daily to evolve it into what you envision. There is no "perfect" state though. You must accept and realize this. Instead there is only a constant focus on bettering the design, if only in small stages. This is similar to life. You will never be a perfect person but you should always be striving to be a better person, even if only in small ways.