What Do You Want To Do?

Dave seemed to be a little down this weekend and I understand how he feels. The questions he asks himself are often the same questions I ask myself.

In thinking about what he had to say though, I reflected back on a few things. I thought about two recent posts. One being Touching The World and another entitled Inspired where I said the following.

I don’t want to be informed or entertained. I want to be inspired.

And I also glanced at my About page, particularly the following quote.

I’m passionate about changing the world and making it a better place through the propagation of positive cultural values within the communities and/or organizations we are immersed within, be they online or off.

When I put this all together, I realized what I wanted to do (and it’s small enough to be a mantra of sorts).

I want to touch the world and inspire people.

Now as for the exact details of this work, I’ll still have to figure out that next step. However as Dave said in his post and something I’ve spoken about before, I believe this has a lot to do with stirring meaningful emotions within people and making them feel connected to something larger than themselves, yet something that they themselves are an integral part of.

One thing I do know for sure though is that the direction I’m wanting to go in seems to tie in much more closely with a creative artist, poet, writer, or musician than a technical developer or consultant. It’s funny because I used to draw, write stories, compose music, and write lyrics when I was younger. Yet I haven’t done any of these things in many many years.

Is this my inner self trying to pull me back on a path that I deviated from long ago? I think it might be.

PS. I want my work to not only inspire others but in turn to inspire me as well. Therefore if I can find some way to cumulatively gather this new creative work around me (online and offline), it should hopefully inspire and motivate me daily (as well as others around me).