Living Deliberately

Sailing off into the sunset, tiarescott, Flickr

I was doing some research on how to define a lifestyle when something reminded me of a book I had read a while ago entitled The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs. In scanning the introduction, I saw the following quote which jumped out at me.

“Simple living is about living deliberately. That’s all. You choose your existence rather than sailing through life on automatic pilot.”

This touch a chord in me because just yesterday I had said the following about the importance of reflection in storytelling.

“Without these moments of reflection, it would be like a captain of a ship that never checks his position or heading during the voyage.”

I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence that both quotes relate to sailing but what resonated within me was that you should be deliberately choosing your directions and destinations in life instead of just drifting with the wind or current. More importantly, it’s necessary that you constantly check where you are (i.e. time to reflect) so that you can be sure you are going in the deliberate direction that you want to be.

Hmm, coincidence again? I just looked at the word “deliberately” and notice the word “liberate” within it.