Unplugging To Recharge & Restructure

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A couple of days ago I was having trouble sleeping so I got up, lit a candle in the living room, and start jotting down some of the thoughts and frustrations flying through my head. Two words kept flowing through my mind, “natural” and “flow”. Therefore after jotting down a pageful of notes, here are two of the most important things I realized.

I design when I see and feel a natural connection or flow to things. If I don’t see this and I’m “forced” then things seem “unnnatural”.

The act of relaying my thoughts and feelings feels natural. How they are structured is what feels unnatural.

With this in mind, I’ve decide to unplug a bit. Yes to recharge (since I usually come back revitalized with a bucketful of ideas) but more importantly to figure out this “structure” thing. Those who’ve been following my blog know that this has been something that has been bothering me for a long time, as I’ve always hated the default blog structure and format. Hopefully with the time away to live life (thus following my own advice at the end of my last post), I’ll receive inspiration when I least likely expect it (which is usually how it works for me).

Till I return, feel free to dig through my archives if you haven’t had the chance to peruse some of my older entries. I’d recommend starting from the bottom, through the earliest entries, and checking out the titles that peak your interest.

Oh and I’ve unplugged my journal comments as well for the time being. You can still give me a shout via my contact page if you like though.

Catch ya laters!

William Gibson talks about going on media fasts, which is no information for five days, just going away — no phone, no TV, no radio, just your own stuff. People. It’s really weird. Try it. Try to stop watching television, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, and go on an information fast. Do you know what happens to you? It’s like when you go away on a holiday and you’re out of touch: you relax. And you find out there are other things that are inside of you that are quite important.