Disposable Culture

Why is it that when people hand me something in a bag that I purchased and I say I don’t need a bag (after earlier informing them of this when making my purchase), they look at me like I’m an alien from another planet? I swear the look on their face is like "You mean I have to open the bag, take your stuff out, and fold up the bag so it can be re-used later?" After emptying the bag, you can tell they almost want to throw the bag in the garbage instead of folding it up but I usually stand there long enough to ensure that they do fold it up and put it away.

It’s sad that we live in a such a disposable culture. As I said before, each person locally changes the world globally. It may seem like an insignificant action you’re doing but collectively with many people doing it, it does make a difference, for better or worse.

2 thoughts on “Disposable Culture

  1. Fully! I do the same thing, and people look at me like I’m nuts and like I made their day worse. What the heck? I’m saving you time and your company money (as if they cared about that), not to mention I have less to throw into the garbage land fills. I’ve always been stunned, but lately it’s been kinda a fun game actually. 🙂

  2. Excellent point Nate. You are saving them money but often times they don’t even recognize that either. 🙂

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