Individuals Collectively Cultivating Change

The title of this post is a byline I was going to use for a new site I was developing but have now scrapped (as I’m just going to merge the content in with my existing site here). The basic premise of this concept is somewhat similar to The Tipping Point in that there are a myriad of individuals in the world today who are possibly unknowingly changing the culture of the world through their unbeknownst collective actions. In other words, all of these individuals are each doing their own thing, that is doing the things they believe in, in a way that fits in with their own values. Yet all of their personal cultural values are collectively somewhat similar and it is this collective cultural change that is driving a massive paradigm shift in our society’s culture today.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

The reason that this is possible is because just as a culture influences us (as it is somewhat like an environment we are within), so too can we influence this culture in turn. Therefore, every single action you do literally helps collectively to change the world around you and can then in turn influence other people to change as well. Of course, you can’t force people to change their minds. I learnt that lesson the hard way a long time ago. Yet still, by showing them a better way through your own actions, you can still be a strong influence on them by at least planting the seed in their mind.

This approach is now one of the primary directions I’d like to take with this site. In a sense, I’ll be relaying the situational awareness of this cultural change, so that others can see the change and change themselves if they so wish. I’ll be doing this by simply making people aware of other individuals out there who are helping to make this change possible. One recent example of this is my post on Joi Ito. If you watch the video mentioned in that post, you’ll see what positive values and beliefs Joi is pushing out into the world (i.e. openness, sharing, caring, diversity, etc). These are the same similar values that I see being relayed by other people in the world and even more so by the inherit nature of Web itself.