For Love, Not Money

For those who are familiar with Hugh MacLeod, you’ll probably know of about his post from a while back entitled The Sex & Cash Theory.

The creative person basically has two kinds of jobs: One is the sexy, creative kind. Second is the kind that pays the bills. Sometimes the task in hand covers both bases, but not often. This tense duality will always play center stage. It will never be transcended.

I’ve slightly renamed this for myself to be The Love & Money Theory. In other words, on the one hand you get work which you love doing because it’s in synch with your passions. The other work you do, you just do for the money because you need to pay the bills. It doesn’t mean you hate the work. You may actually find it very interesting. It’s just that it isn’t fully in synch with your passions.

I have no problem accepting this reality. However, at the same time, I just realized that I need my space here on this site to be about my passions and only my passions. To achieve this, I think the best thing to do is to keep any “business” related content off my site here. In other words, I need to follow my site’s byline that says it’s a “Personal Site”.

With that in mind, I’ve removed all posts relating to my freelance work from my site here. And yes, this also means I’ll no longer be doing freelance work (well except for a few established clients already). I’ve decided instead to look for employment in Vancouver, preferably with a startup company or a small company with a startup culture. I just really miss working face to face with a close knit group of people.

Oh one last thing. You might be wondering why I changed the name of the theory from “sex” to “love”. The reason for this is that sex, while enjoyable, is very rarely fulfilling, as you usually just want more. Love on the other hand, even if just for a brief moment, can truly sustain you for a lifetime. And from the looks of Hugh’s latest post on his site, it looks like he’s thinks love is a pretty big deal as well.  🙂