Letting Go

Sometimes the more courageous thing to do isn’t to take a stand and persevere through something no matter what is thrown at you but instead to know when to let go and just let things happen. I think it’s because it’s so hard to let go of that "control" and to just go with the "flow" trusting that things will transpire as they should.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Nollind,

    Quit beating around the bush and tell us what is going on or what happened in the course of your Squarespace employment to manifest such feelings? Is it true that you are no longer an employee of Squarespace? Quit beating around the bush and give us the details!

    –Ehrich Weiss

  2. Ehrich, not too sure what you mean. These feelings posted here are totally unrelated to my previous employment at Squarespace. We parted ways back in September 2006 primarily due to differing expectations of what each wanted out of the relationship. As I said before, I don’t have any animosity towards Anthony. I think he’s an extremely intelligent and brilliant person who knows exactly what he wants and I still like evangelizing Squarespace whenever I get the opportunity.

    Actually the reason I post entries like this from such a general standpoint is because I believe they are like life lessons that can be applied to many things. For example, at the time, these feelings dealt with letting go in trying to work towards a particular layout design.

    However, after I posted it, I also realized it was inner self trying to tell me that I shouldn’t ignore what I had been feeling for quite some time. What’s feelings? That the self-employment route, which I had tried after leaving Squarespace, wasn’t my cup of tea. I finally accepted this afterwards which is why I shut down my entire site in December and decided to started looking for full-time employment in Vancouver.

    Shortly after Christmas though, I realized I was still passionate about certain things and wanted to continue to communicate these things to others. I originally was planning on starting a new different site to do this but finally wondered why create a new site? Instead I just reopened my old site because a lot of my passions had been previously communicated on it before and I didn’t want to throw away my previous entries on the subject. I did however remove all work related stuff from my site, since I was no longer doing the self-employment thing.

    I hope that clears up where things are at now with me. I no longer work at Squarespace since September 2006. I tried doing self-employment for a while afterwards but it just didn’t work out. So now I’m looking for employment in Vancouver but still maintain this site to relay my passions.

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