Transparency: Coudal Pitches Subway

This video by Coudal Partners is hilarious! When it comes down to marketing a product, it doesn’t matter how much money you have for an ad campaign, if the product can’t stand on it’s own two feet, then nothing you can say can really make a difference once you let it out into the "real world" on its own.

That’s because there’s a huge separation from the fictitious make believe world of TV and what we actually experience in real life. I personally don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to walk into a fast food restaurant and say "Can I have a sandwich that looks EXACTLY like that one in the picture there?!" as I point at a picture of their product behind them. Yet what you get from them is a far cry from what is advertised by them. I stopped going to Subway a long time ago because I got tired of the compost heap that was being served to me as a "sandwich". Sandwich Artists? How about Sandwich Sanitation Engineers?  🙂

The video was sickenly hilarious in a sad sort of way as well (if you can persevere watching it all). The "will sell soul for money" feeling just seemed to be so smothered over the video, it was almost as though they were trying to make some kind of sandwich themselves (of what kind I couldn’t be sure). The sad thing is that they were supposed to be pitching a product, yet most of the video all they talked about was themselves. "We rule! We’re passionate about marketing anything, as long you give us lots of money! Hire us!"

2 thoughts on “Transparency: Coudal Pitches Subway

  1. I will give credit to Arby’s on their marketing. Their roast beef sandwiches, minus the bun to an extent, look like they really do in the store as they do on TV. Though having worked at an Arby’s, you have to wonder about the quality of the beef. It’s still one of the best fast-food sandwiches available.

    And I agree with you about Subway. Their stores just emanate a horrible smell.

  2. Haven’t ate at Arby’s, so can’t really comment on them. You’re right though, even though one aspect of a company may be good, another may not. I actually don’t mind Starbuck’s coffee (not a "real" coffee drinker in the first place though <g>) but I had to work there for a couple of months (desperate for a job). Oh my god…I almost certainly lost a part of my soul in that place. The corporate bullshit there was so hard to swallow, I was drowning in it daily.

    You really have to try to laugh it off though, otherwise you’ll go insane. In my case, laughing only worked so much. I eventually had enough daily corporate mental torture / brainwashing and decided to quit with whatever was left of my soul. 🙂

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