The Known Discovering The Unknown

Dave Winer’s words couldn’t be more true.

They’re supposed to seek out people, to interrupt repeating and droning.

The people with the awareness and attention need to be the ones exploring and discovering those hidden on the edges instead of continually droning about themselves and their own ideas. This pushes the idea of sustainability for everyone, not just a select few. The idea is to share what you have gained with others around you, so that the entire “village” prospers and grows instead of just you.

This is why search engines are such popular and powerful points on the Web. They point away from themselves.

2 thoughts on “The Known Discovering The Unknown

  1. Thank you Nolland – well said. Are you a guru? I really enjoy your candor and truisms mixed in with web building and purposeful design. Best-

  2. > Are you a guru? <

    Sibyllae, a lot of what I record here is primarily for myself, so that I remember things that I’ve discovered, experienced, and learnt. I personally see myself as a "student" of life who’s still trying to figure things out. I mean I’m not perfect by any means. 🙂 Still I like sharing what I discover, so if even one person finds it interesting, I think it was worth sharing.

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