A Wave of Relationships

Raindrops, Croak17, Flickr

I remember a long time ago sitting by the pond near Jericho Beach here in Vancouver on a rainy day. As the raindrops fell into the pond, tiny waves rippled outwards from each drop overlapping the waves from other drops. When I looked at this, it reminded me of the relationships we have in our lives. We are all connected as we overlap other people’s lives, while others overlap ours.

For some people, the circumference of the wave emanating from them may be small, so they may not have that many relationships. For others, it may be quite large and they may overlap many others around them. The interesting thing is that I don’t think one is better than the other. Instead they’re just different types of relationships.

For example, those people representing smaller waves usually have a higher frequency and thus more frequently connect with the smaller amount of people in their lives, whereas those people representing the larger waves have a lower frequency and thus may not interact as much with the people they know but when they do, it can still be very strong and meaningful.

Interesting. Is this why people on the same wavelength usually build momentum towards achieving something?

Anyways, here’s a couple of other circular zones emanating from each of us that seem interesting as well.