Sing It Like You Hate It!

Just stumbled across a great slogan and ad by Honda UK when I was browsing Seb Payne’s Flickr photos relating to iWeb.

Hate something. Change something. Make something better.

This really could describe my general outlook on life. If I see something that doesn’t look like it’s working right then I like breaking it apart, seeing what’s wrong, and then rebuilding it better.

Actually now that I think about it, I think this is what Dave Winer was talking about the other day when he said stated "Anger is a very powerful force".

It’s also a perfect mantra for Tom Peter’s Reimagine! book.

2 thoughts on “Sing It Like You Hate It!

  1. Hi Nollind

    Just found this post. I’m so glad that you like my site. Those words are what I live by and try to make that occur on each and every day of my life.


  2. Great words indeed and thanks for adding them to your site otherwise I wouldn’t have ever know about them! 🙂

    All the best with your site. It looks like you’ve got a great foundation for it.

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