Cultivating Trust

David Weinberger points out an excellent article from that talks about Ray Ozzie’s current involvement with Microsoft. Excellent read to say the least.

Ozzie can do what Gates no longer can – not only formulate strategy but also help implement it by working with the troops. People tell stories of the approachable Ozzie having long conversations with low-level programmers by the coffee machine about security strategies or other arcana.

Sounds like Ray’s helping to foster a different kind of culture in the company or…helping to rediscover what was once there a long time ago. This has hints of my post a while back on the culture of startups. Interestingly enough, the subject of trust, which seems to be David Weinberger’s primary concern today, also came up back then as well. As I mentioned back then, if the trust isn’t there (and I’m definitely not talking technology here) then more often than not the relationship will never last that long.

Actually it’s kind of hilarious when you think about it. That being people not wanting to use a "trusted" system because they don’t trust it. šŸ™‚