Small Programs Loosely Joined

Ted Nelson on what he’d like to create in the future.

I want to create, however, a new breed, a new kind of computer system that is much simpler that allows kids to programme once again.

If I’m perceiving what he’s saying correctly here, I have a funny feeling he’s not talking about kids programming "computer programs" that exist just on a computer. I believe he’s talk about small programs that can exist anywhere, on the computer or on the Web. Even more so I think these programs will intentionally be small and simple to create because they’ll focus on a specific purpose. What will make them so powerful though will be that they will be able to interconnect and interoperate with one another like laying down two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and snapping them together. They’ll also be freely available for anyone to use because where the power of these "small" programs will come into play is when you have many of them all interconnected together and working in tandem. In effect, you achieve the idea behind David Weinberger’s book entitled Small Pieces Loosely Joined.