Fooling Around With Squarespace Styles

I’m fooling around with the design of my site some more. This time I’ve decided that I want to see how far I can push things just using styles. In other words, no layout modifications (i.e. site template changes) to the base Squarespace layout I’m using.

I believe I like this default style setup I’ve got now, primarily because of the larger font size which makes it much more easier to read. I realized this when I switched from my site’s previous style to view Dave Winer’s Scripting News site which has a larger font. I realized that some people may have a difficult time reading with my smaller font sizes, so I bumped them up. After I had finished the change, I actually preferred it much more to the previous font size.

Next step is adding "detailings" such as site header images and so forth. After I’m done, I think I’ll release the style as a download and also indicate how I achieved some of the "tricks" on the site. For example, I want to have a different header image for each area of the site and I’ve finally figured out how to do this now without having to modify your site’s templates. Again, I’ll reveal more of this later.

PS. Oh and I’ve also figured out how to create a "splash page" very easily in Squarespace. These aren’t really recommended nowadays but some people would still like them on their site. Again I’ll reveal this later.

Update: Justed started adding some of the different banner header images to the site. Again, no Squarespace site templates were modified to do this, just added a snippet of CSS code to each page. That’s it.

3 thoughts on “Fooling Around With Squarespace Styles

  1. hello Nollind!

    I stumbled upon this site and I love it! It has the room for content that I’ve been looking for on my present Square space site, but I don’t know how to get it on my present site. I love the look of my present site with Squarespace, but I wanted more room like what you have here.

    Check ya lata!


  2. Sorry for the delaying in responding Jon. Been busy helping some clients and making some changes to my own site.

    I never did post any examples on how to add a banner image to a specific page/module. If you’re still wanting to do this for your site, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in hiring me to show you how to do this (as I work freelance now).

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