Three Strikes You’re (Customer Walks) Out

Most businesses think that when something goes wrong with a customer’s order or service you are providing them, that it is only one mishap. Wrong. When something screws up and it is due to your business, then there are actually three separate things that can go wrong.

  1. The Mistake – Strike one! Something screwed up on your end and the customer is pissed.
  2. The Coverup – Strike two! You try to cover up the mistake by saying it was due to something else when you know that’s not true.
  3. The Break – Strike three! You’re out! You can obviously tell the customer is upset but you don’t do anything to try to make up for your company’s mistake. You just lost a customer.

The hilarious thing here is that I’m not talking about business rocket science here. This is common sense relationship life skills. Don’t expect any relationship to continue for too long if you continually ignore your "partner".

2 thoughts on “Three Strikes You’re (Customer Walks) Out

  1. Chris,

    Well to give Blogger some credit, there service is still pretty good if you want a really basic blog and that’s it. If you want something more elaborate though than ya, Blogger probably won’t meet your needs.

    As for their support, well for a free service they probably get bombarded by emails daily. You’d probably get a quicker answer searching Google on the subject in question and finding other users who’ve already dealt with the situation.

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