Information Everywhere But Here

While I don’t have a problem with the myriad of services coming out that allow people to do things with the Web (i.e. Flickr,, etc), I do have a problem with them creating a fractured user experience when people come to my site wanting to look at this information that I’ve stored in these different services. If Web 2.0 is supposed to be about information everywhere, well then please give me an easy way for me to display all of my information on my site (not just the latest items added) but still host them in these services.

Kudos for Switch Interactive

This is just a short post to point out a great web design firm in Vancouver called Fleming Design which has a specialized design team within them by the name of Switch Interactive. Why I’m mentioning them is because of a great lady named Catherine Winckler who is head of the Switch Interactive design team. I’ve spoken to Catherine on and off over the years and I’ve always been impressed with her honesty and openness in our discussions and even more impressed with their internal company culture. If you or anyone else you know is looking for a site, especially one that is related to the movie or entertainment industry, then definitely give them a shout. You will not be disappointed in the slightest, as Catherine and her Switch Interactive team are an amazing group of talented people.

Timing is Everything

As I mentioned in a previous post, hopefully by the end of next week I’ll be announcing my new employer (once the paperwork is all done). I just want to say that this couldn’t have come at a better time because I’ve been unemployed. While I have been doing some web work in the past here and there, as well as some part-time work, that side work ended a few months ago. More than anything I’ve been vigilant in continuing my research on my weblog (hehe, when it’s been online) in the hopes of attracting a possible employer through my ideas and sure enough it finally has happened (even though I was getting frustrated over the past couple of weeks).

Why this is an even more opportune time is that my wife is a teacher and, as anyone knows in BC, she’s been on strike for the past couple of weeks. Therefore, I’ve finally got the opportunity to start contributing financially again to our relationship. It is definitely a good feeling.

Drifting Deeper Into Spaces

I was watching this anime music video as well as another one and for some reason the music and tone sparked something inside of me. Something’s missing from my online experience. What I’m not exactly sure. For some reason I think it has to do with the different spaces and environments that we have within the real world but that you don’t often see online, especially now with the proliferation of blogs. What am I talking about? Privacy, intimacy, and solitude.

On our blogs we broadcast to the entire world. There is nothing wrong with this but we can’t be "jacked in" 24/7. We need to "unplug" so we can focus on the meaningful people and relationships around us, and even seek solitude from everyone on occasion to reflect on our own thoughts. That’s what I feel like is missing. I don’t have these different spaces online to do this.

Yes I can totally unplug, get away from the computer, be with my wife and pets, or even go for a walk to reflect on my own thoughts. Yet when I’m online, I can’t jump from those different spaces and environments because on a blog it is like having your front door open with anyone able to walk into your house. Well, what if I want a "back room" just for friends only? Even more so, what if I want a "small room" where I can just be alone with my thoughts and reflect on them.

Another reason I want these spaces is so not only can I remove the "mask" from my face but I also can give others that I invite into these private and intimate spaces the opportunity to remove their "mask" as well. What am I talking about when I say a "mask"? Keith said it best in his post When I Make Something. Later in the comments I asked him the question, "Don’t you wish you could just be yourself on your blog without having to think about all of this stuff?" "Yes", he replied.

I think its time to start working on these spaces, so that I can have intimate and personal spaces of my own where I can just let go, drift, and be myself.

Cool New Job

Well I’ve decided to take the job offer that was offered to me because it sounded way too good of a working arrangement to pass up! Hopefully by the end of next week, I’ll be able to announce my cool new employer (after all the paperwork is done and so forth).