Make Up Your Own Advertising Slogans

Seth (via Ed) points to The Advertising Slogan Generator (using the word Link in linking to it).

Here’s other words I threw in and what I got back.

Culture: All The Culture That’s Fit To Print

Web 2.0: Make It A Web 2.0 Night

Permaculture: Don’t Leave Home Without Permaculture

To me the "culture" and "permaculture" slogans are particularly amusing since they are so ironic. Our culture is what we are immersed in and media/print is all around us. Permaculture deals with building your site properly (where your home is located) so that it is in tune with the ecosystem around you.

4 thoughts on “Make Up Your Own Advertising Slogans

  1. I fed a few things in:

    Craig: I Wish I Were a Craig Weiner.
    Depression: Where Do You Want Depression To Go Today?
    Nollind: Better Ingredients, Better Nollind.

    That Nollind one was the only clean one it came up with. lol.

  2. Actually you have to laugh at the depression slogan. I mean people say depression is primarily a state of mind (although it is obviously more than that though), so I see that as “Where Do You Want Your Mind To Go Today?” Either depressed or happy, it all depends on how you want to look at things. Is the glass half empty of gin or half full of 7 UP? It all depends upon how you look at life. 🙂

    Haha! I just put in the word depression and look what I got!

    “Give That Man A Depression!”

  3. London: There’s First Love, and There’s London Love.

    Or really now? Surprised that hasn’t appeared on the side of a tourist bus by now!

  4. Ack! That’s a lot better than mine.

    “Why Can’t Everything Orange Be Vancouver?”

    Kind of weird actually because I like wearing orange shirts and jackets.

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