Working On Accomplishments

When I woke up this morning (by our spastic hyper cat Sam), I ended up lying on the floor with him in the middle of the living room, as it seems to calm him down for some reason. Anyways, as I was lying there I started thinking about my resume and all the frustrations I’m having with it. Of course, it is so frustrating because it is like looking at Mt. Everest from the bottom of it. I realized, however, that I just need to put my head down and focus on each step of it instead of looking at the entire "mountain" before me.

Thinking particularly on my accomplishments, which every resume guide tells you to focus on, I realized that why I was having trouble writing out my accomplishments was because again, I would end up looking at the entire list of accomplishments as I made it which actually closed my mind the more I added to it. Weird, I know.

I realized suddenly what had to do here was just focus on each individual accomplishment on its own. Kind of like having a bunch of small pieces of paper and writing one accomplishment on one and then sticking it behind the pile to focus on the next one. I immediately realized that setting up another blog journal to handle this would probably be a good idea. I could focus on filling in an empty blog post each time to list the accomplishment and then categorize each post relating to the job title or company that the accomplishment relates to. Therefore, when I was all done, I could click on that category tag and see all of the accomplishments for that particular company all grouped together and then list those accomplishments on my resume.

So what I’ve done is created a temporary accomplishments journal that I’m going to start putting down my individual work accomplishments within. Feel free to look at it and make any comments on the accomplishments I write out since I’m going to post a little story below each accomplishment and hopefully my wording of the accomplishment will match the story.

BTW this journal won’t be listed anywhere else on the site but here because it will only be temporary. I’ve enabled feeds on it though (which you can find by auto-discovery of the section URL), so it’s your choice if you want to temporarily subscribe to these "scraps of paper" while I’m working on them.