Web Design for Clients

Why can’t web designers and developers get together (and I think the 9rules network would be a perfect community to tackle this with the three amigos of Business LogsScrivs, Rundle, and Oliphant, spearheading the effort) to create a "Don’t Make Me Think" or XPLANE type of website geared for clients to help them understand the entire design process in extremely simple terms and why each aspect/role of the job (i.e. usability, information architecture, design, etc) is critical and important to the success of it. That way when someone wants to develop a web site, they can see what they should be doing and what information they should be collecting BEFORE they even approach a web company to do their site for them or even to gather a team to build something themselves. That way if a client approaches them without this knowledge, they can just point them to the site as an introduction to the design process (not to mention a great knowledge base to refer to if the client asks a question about something, such as "What’s wrong with having a flaming logo?"). I think if something like this was ever developed, it would be the keystone that would support the enter web development industry and make every developer’s job so much easier.

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  1. That’s what I’m here for! To unload dishes of brilliance and pain at the same time! Need to have that Zen balance thing going you know. 🙂

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