My Life, My Identity

Noticed on Boing Boing a link to Dick Hardt’s Identity 2.0 keynote address which I watched in full and enjoyed immensely. Why I enjoyed it so much was that in the first part of the presentation he asked the question "What is identity?" He replied by saying identity is "Who you are." He then asked the question, "Who am I?" And then proceeded to blow me away by doing the very thing that I am trying to do on my website here. What is that? He defined himself by the work he has done, where he lived, what he read, what he watched, or what he likes. In a nutshell, who he is today is defined by all of these elements from his past and present. Even more so by knowing all of these things, we can probably guess pretty well which direction he is interested in going in his life based upon these same very things. Again, that is exactly the goal I’m trying to take with this website. I’m letting people get to know me by letting them look at my identity which is defined by the elements of my life.

BTW just a sidenote on this. I proceeded to Dick’s company site called Sxip because I enjoyed him and his presentation so much that I thought I’d check out his business but when I reached his website, I was confronted with typical corporate hooha. Why? Why do people keep pushing in this old direction? I mean don’t get me wrong he at least provides a lot more information about the people in the company and what they are doing than other companies do. However, what I would love to have seen is something more similar to what he said about himself in his presentation. I mean could you imagine if each member of his company shared the same information about themselves on their website as he did in his presentation. I mean you’d feel like you were actually dealing with people who were passionate and excited about what they were doing, as Dick appeared to be in his presentation, than some faceless sterile corporate entity. Geez, can you tell that I really want to give this paradigm shift, that is occurring now, a serious kick in the ass to get it moving faster.  đŸ™‚