The Natural Flow and Collection of Information


Cool! My visions of forests and streams come to life! Check out this little program entitled For All Seasons by Andreas Müller I found over at Kaliber10000 which shows a textual representation of memories that are also interactive to the user’s mouse movements.

For All Seasons is about using interactive elements to help communicate more of the memories transcribed than a purely textual representation could do on its own.

Words and text are traditional conveyors of information however, in the same way interactive environments can be used to represent emotions and experiences.

Hmmm, this sounds very close to what Saheli just said in a comment.

And then from that we somehow thought of a movie where somebody was talking about something, and as the words were coming out of his mouth, they would be continually visually sketched out in the air around him. Makes present-day TV seem kind of weak, no? I like the idea of standing by the flow of conversation and every now and then sticking your hand in to pluck some particularly exciting flow.