Wisdom From Wil

Wil Wheaton has an excellent post about letting loose and taking last Monday off work to have some fun on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Best of all is this sage bit of advice that he had acquired a while back but just remembered.

Don’t let your work become your life, because when work isn’t happening, then what do you have?

I’ve got to remember that! Maybe even make up a poster and hang it on the wall in my den.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom From Wil

  1. Come up with a way to say it in pirate and it will be more memorable. Plus you can put skulls and crossbones on it and such. That always makes for good posters.

  2. Hehe, good point. I’ve already got this cartoon picture in my head of a smiling pirate reclining and relaxing in a chair on a sunny sandy beach with a large rum coconut drink in his hand that has a teeny tiny bamboo umbrella stuck in it. Of course he’s wearing his black pirate hat still with the skull and crossbones emblazoned upon on it. Hehe. 🙂

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