Blog Author’s Not Responding To Comments

Ok, this is has got to be one of my all time pet peeves relating to blogging. You constantly hear how blogging is so great and everything, yet of the sites that I visit, I would say that like 60 to 80% of them have authors who words very rarely grace their comments area to respond to their visitors. I mean there are people out their preaching about blogging and how it lets you connect with people, yet some of these people are guilty of not connecting with their own visitors. And yes I realize that site author’s can’t respond to every comment but I’m talking like maybe responding to like one or two people a day at least! And hell the problem doesn’t even end there, it occurs with the visitors as well. They don’t even communicate with each other. Instead what is achieved is something like a bunch of people all crowded into a room, talking out loud to the entire room, but not talking to anyone in particular. Geez, wake up people! Engage and interact with each other!

As for myself, I’ve almost come to the point that if I’ve commented on a site numerous times and haven’t heard nothing back from the author on my response or even others in the same conversations, then I pretty much see no point in commenting on the person’s site. I’ll look elsewhere for other conversations where people actually engage each other. Actually to give you a perfect example of this, I’d have to say the best weblog that I’ve been to in the past year, where the people within it got very engaged with each other and had great conversations, was The Game Chair which is a blog related to gaming. Here’s one post from a while back to show you the type of interaction I’d like to see on most blogs.

2 thoughts on “Blog Author’s Not Responding To Comments

  1. I think it’s an organic process that will work, but with time. I’ve definitely tried to respond to people on mine, though sometimes I fall behind. The best comments are the ones where you get to know other commenters. I agree though, comments are where its at in blogging.

  2. I’m not so sure it’s the time thing as much as a people thing. I’ve been to sites that have been around for ages and it just seems like it never changes. Don’t know why. The authors right great material but I find it just not worth commenting. Sometimes I really believe they don’t want to hear what people think or interact with them. If so though, why have commenting enabled??

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