The Business of Blogging

Blogging isn’t so much about a change of technology, as about a change of culture. While every business may not need a blog, they most definitely need the change of culture that blogging embodies.

Chris Campbell:

You need to create a bond.

You need to be honest.

You need to listen.

Mike Rundle:

Also, a company diving right into a self-written weblog is difficult because it’s a paradigm shift away from what they’re used to. Marketing-speak, press releases, ducking questions — these might be PR tactics they’ve employed for years, but when you start a weblog it has to be honest or else your readers won’t read it and will definitely let you know.

So a company who’s not ready to be transparent and honest can still have a weblog, but we would rather not be a part of that process. We value comments and readers, and if a company weblog is just a rehash of press releases and marketing gobbledegook, then it’s not really using the weblog medium to it’s full potential.

Kudos to Chris and Mike. Thanks for making me feel not so alone anymore in my thoughts.