Where’s the Web 2.0 Beef?

I just realized that I mentioned before that I believe Web 2.0 is an important aspect of my Connected Communities project. Yet, so far, I haven’t really talked about any Web 2.0 elements for it. Well, I just realized something that might actually be good as a Web 2.0 application. What is that? The aggregated connected community page footer area that I just spoke of.

Imagine if this footer area worked like a dynamic “window” to the connected community instead of a static one. So by default, as I mentioned before, it showed conversations that related to the main topic on the page (like how Google AdSense targets ads). But then, what if their were additional tabs that you could click just like Jake Tracey (one of the creators of Chalk) has on his site and they would instantly update with additional information. I mean other tabs could be the latest conversations in the community in date order or by popularity. Another tab could be to search the archives of the entire community and so forth. And the amazing thing is that there wouldn’t be a centralized site but instead it would be a bunch of decentralized sites all sharing information via a Web 2.0 architecture. Even more amazing would be to see these conversation streams updating in real time as you viewed them!