Conversations Within A Connected Community

Whoa! I just had another interesting idea that relates to creating connected communities. In my last post, I said that I’d like to see the bottom of the web page on a connected community member’s site to show the latest conversations in the community like how does it (but not on a centralized site like they do it). Well, what if you took this a step further. What if like Google AdSense ads, you could somehow show the latest conversations within the community that actually related to what was being said on the page you were on?

This is quite hilarious because this mirrors something I discussed before when I talked about a topic aggregator that could somehow show conversations from your feeds that related to your current post. Where this idea came from was David Weinberger when he said one day that he apologized to his friends because he didn’t have the time to visit all of their sites. I wondered how he could stay connected to those in his community and be aware of the interesting conversations within it that interested him, yet not have to visit all of their sites every day. Well, voila, I think such an approach as I mentioned might actually work because if you just posted about Google, then ideally the aggregated community conversations area at the bottom of the page with the Google post on it would show all community conversations that also related to Google.

BTW another interesting side note here. Derek Powazek mentioned something the other day about the need to maximize the page footer area of websites, so as to maximize the experience for the person visiting your site. Well, just as the top header of a page is important for defining your site’s own identity, what if people started utilizing the page footer area of their site to relay the community they were within?