RSS Continually Flows

Quote found on Visions of the Future.

>> Dave Winer ( Friday, November 19, 2004)
>> RSS is not email. Don’t sort them out into little boxes that you have
>> to go to, make them flow to you, in a river, unsorted. Your time is
>> what’s valuable, there’s no value to the items you didn’t read. If it’s
>> important it’ll pop up again.

This is important somehow. It might have something to do with my post on situational awareness, not exactly sure. I remember saying before that RSS needs to have the ability to be archived and searched but does it? If it is relaying situational awareness information, the information is only useful in the here and now. If you missed it, you missed it. As Dave said, if it’s important, it will pop up again (because people will be relaying more info with time).