Journal Back Online

Someone asked if I could put my journal back online so they could see what I’m working on, so I have done so. I guess if even one person finds it interesting and useful, it’s worth having available.

BTW one of the main problems I found with blogging though is that I find it distracting but also it doesn’t really allow for my stream of thoughts to be solidified into a single idea which means that people would have to dig through my entire blog to assemble the pieces themselves. To hopefully avoid this from happening again, I’m going to create an Articles section to the site shortly as well. Therefore, while my journal will cover daily thoughts, my articles section will instead show those separate thoughts accumulated into a single solid idea (hopefully).

2 thoughts on “Journal Back Online

  1. Dude, talk about instant gratification. 😀 I’m fascinated to see how this organization scheme works. I’m experimenting with squarespace now too.

  2. Hehe, glad you’re finding it useful Saheli. Just remember I’m still in the discovery phase as well with all of this stuff. I think I’ve got some of the pieces to the puzzle figured out but I’m just not sure how to put them together yet. 🙂

    As for Squarespace, if you have any questions about it, let me know. If you’ve ever used TypePad or Movable Type then it might seem a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it pretty powerful.

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