Site Design

A Fresh Perspective

In starting this new website, I’d like the flow of this thought stream (aka blog, journal, etc) to intentionally and directly solidify the structure of my Self and my work, similar to how sediment from a river builds up over time, creating a foundation to stand upon.

What this means is that anything that I add to this flowing stream needs to have some piece of itself that can be actionable and put to use in some way. Well that’s the primary intention anyways. Whether that can be realistically achieved is another story altogether, as sometimes when you’re first connecting with something new, especially on an intuitive level, it’s quite difficult to quantify and classify why it’s important at that moment versus understanding it upon reflection.

And finally, this doesn’t mean that everything I post here needs to be super serious either. For example, relaying aspects of my everyday life, also helps people to relate to me in a different, broader way. Or more appropriately, it allows people at different levels to relate to me on their level (i.e. conventional, post conventional, etc). Anyways, it’s always something I talked about doing with each new reboot of my site in the past but something I never really dove into that much but would like to do so this time.

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