Employer & Employee Disconnect Due To Different Realities

Remote-working jobs: Disaster looms as managers refuse to listen | ZDNET

Business leaders are “holding on to the remnants of the past” by failing to recognize fundamental shifts in the workforce — leaving them with a potential talent exodus on their hands.

This disconnect between employer and employee preferences risks being entrenched into new workplace policies, researchers found. Two-thirds (66%) of executives reported they were designing post-pandemic workforce plans with little to no direct input from employees -and yet 94% said they were “moderately confident” that the policies they had created matched employee expectations.

What’s more, more than half (56%) of executives reported they had finalized their plans on how employees can work in the future. The survey said the disconnect between employers and employees was largely a result of the fact that bosses tended to have a far higher level of job satisfaction than those below them.

“While executives are banging down the door to get back to their corner offices, nonexecutive employees are demanding flexibility in where and when they work.”

“The desire for flexible work is strongest among women, working parents and employees of color, who have shown gains in employee experience scores while working remotely,” the report noted.

By Nollind Whachell

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