Getting Vaccinated Was Seen as Being Patriotic in War Time

During WWII, getting the flu vaccine was patriotic. Some no longer view science that way.
Scientific breakthroughs such as the influenza vaccine, which helped the U.S. win World War II, were hailed as miracles that would help define a new generation of discovery.

Decades later, at age 98, Costantini would recall in crisp detail how he waited, alongside other young soldiers, to receive a handful of vaccinations that the Army required. “The government was worried about their soldiers,” he said.

It didn’t occur to Costantini to question the necessity of the vaccines, or to refuse them in the name of personal freedom. “We didn’t give a crap. OK? It was that simple. You got in line, took your shot, and that’s it. It was no big deal.

Great article that perfectly fits in with my previous post about how we need to change the narrative around getting the vaccine and show how it promotes freedom and responsibility to your nation and to the society you belong to at large. Again it would great if someone created vintage war-like propaganda posters that showed how “citizens can contribute to this greater effort to restore our freedoms” (i.e. Be a Liberator! Getting vaccinated today and help restore our society’s freedoms!).

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