New Way to Bank PDF Resources in iOS 13

Cult of Mac is providing info on new ways you can create PDFs in the upcoming iOS 13 update which will hopefully be released in the next few days. This looks amazing for myself because I’m constantly converting articles I’ve read into PDFs (currently using Print Friendly to do so) and then adding them to my Second Brain along with progressively summarized highlights and annotations.

If your life was a MMORPG game like World of Warcraft, this would be the equivalent of “banking resources” you’ve found on quests that you could combine later to craft and create new things. In this case, my key questions about life are like quests that help me recognize and realize important information I come across and find, letting me then bank it for later when I need to refer back to it and connect it with other information to craft an article that may provide a treasure of insights on my life’s adventures as a whole.

The basis of this approach is that you’re not planning out your life so much as letting it design itself emergently just by living it and seeing what you’re focusing your attention upon. Then over time, as your different primary interests (aka quests) reveal themselves, you start seeing how they can in turn be connected emergently, revealing your life’s passion and purpose in turn, which are like your talents in an MMO game that give you the ability to fluidly respec yourself to different contextual situations as needed (just like you can in a game like WoW).

Anyways, definitely looking forward to this new feature in iOS 13. If it’s as good as it looks, I might be able to dump Print Friendly completely and use just iOS itself for creating my PDFs.

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