Discovering Your True Creative Purpose And Potential

I’ve been extremely busy the past couple of weeks but I can’t let it go to my head. Even though I’ve been productive, coming up with amazing solutions that I thought weren’t even possible a few weeks back, I still feel as though that this is only a distraction from something greater that I’m supposed to creating and working on.

I mentioned before that I keep seeing all of these amazingly talented individuals and yet, like myself, their full potential does not seem to be realized yet, even though their talents may be readily visible. The only way I can explain this would be like seeing Superman using his powers to deliver pizzas (i.e. “Delivered anywhere, worldwide, and always served piping hot!”). It just seems like such a waste of our true potential.

Then again, I guess it’s better to be doing something, rather than nothing. The trick is, obviously, to make sure that you don’t lose your awareness and focus along the way. That you don’t get so caught up in what you’re doing that it becomes more important than yourself or the creative exploratory journey that you’re undertaking to reveal your true purpose. So yes, it’s better to be creating something rather than nothing. Yet still it’s important to always push yourself towards a purpose of creating something that truly expresses your authentic whole self and utilizes all of your powers within the process of its creation.