Seeking The Right Relationship

Wow, it’s seems I’m quite popular this week. I’ve been reposting my resume on the Vancouver Craigslist site over the past month or so (usually every other week) and this week I seem to have drawn a lot of attention, as I’m even getting contacted for possible work in Victoria with a substantial salary boost if I’d consider the move (which unfortunately I wouldn’t at this time).

Anyways, as I mentioned to a few people who’ve interviewed me already, I’m not in any rush (since I have a few great established clients right now). If anything I think it’s like finding the right mate because you want the relationship to work and be long lasting. It’s one reason why I tried to be very specific in my cover letter as to the type of company I’m looking for and hopefully it will achieve exactly that. 🙂

Update: I just realized that my previous post about Finding Meaningful Relationships relates quite closely to this, especially the last paragraph.

Hehe, wait a minute. I just noticed something both funny and interesting. Go back up and look at that Six Apart office picture once again. Noticed how I’ve highlighted the sheets of paper on the wall and dimmed out everything else in the room? Well reverse it now so that the people in the room become highlighted and are the focal point. What do you see? I see a group of seemingly random and diverse people all grouped together in a meaningful relationship working on something of emotional importance to them.

That to me is exactly the type of working environment I’d like to be within. It’s not so much about how much money I’m making but more about the emotional importance of the work I’m doing and the meaningful relationships it creates with the people I’m working with, as well as the people we are helping.

2 thoughts on “Seeking The Right Relationship

  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I am pasting the link here not because I need or want anyone to read the remark, but because my challenges as described in the post may be a useful complement to your observations above; ie: What Not To Do… when engaging in a new venture/job/opportunity. It has everything to do with "….the emotional importance of the work…and the meaningful relationships it creates…" ~ Hugs- Sib

    AND PS- I did quit the job by the way!

  2. "AND PS- I did quit the job by the way!"

    Great! I hope you find what you’re looking for as well.

    It’s funny, I notice sometimes that the hard part isn’t letting go of the current situation but instead realizing what you actually want to do. For example, I believe I have a strong grasp on what I want to do from a technological / web perspective (as my resume states) but the more I progress through my life, the more I feel (and get hints) that I should be doing something else. What exactly this "something else" is, I’m still trying to figure out but I think it ties in somehow with my more creative youth, when I used to draw, write stories, and even compose music.

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