Recharging At Adaptive Path

Adaptive Path is looking for an experienced visual designer. What caught my eye though is their focus on promoting a "live/work balance" within their company.

Adaptive Path is the people who work here. We’ve created a work environment that respects the individual—their needs, dreams and pipe dreams. We promote a live/work balance including five weeks of vacation per year.

Holy crap! Five weeks of vacation a year! Now that is my kind of work environment! They obviously recognize the importance of having time to recharge your batteries after working hard. Now if I was only a visual designer and I actually lived in San Francisco.  Hehe!  🙂

Actually when I’ve been offered jobs with companies in the past, I’d often see if I could get more weeks of vacation each year (like two or three instead of just one) in exchange for a reduced salary. I’d rather be happy, rested, and moderately well paid instead of exhausted and wealthy. In other words, I’d rather work to live instead of living to work.